Are You Looking For A Quality Epoxy Flooring Installer?

Las Vegas Epoxy Flooring Pros are ready to do great work for you and give you an amazing finish on garage floors, walkways, indoor floors or pool decks and patios.

Why choose Las Vegas Epoxy Flooring Pros for your flooring project?

When shopping for an epoxy flooring company, we know you have choices.  Our professional team has decades of experience in the flooring industry and we really know our stuff.  Putting down an epoxy flooring isn’t just simply painting a coating on a garage floor or other area and walking away.  Epoxy flooring is almost somewhat of an art and something that needs to be done carefully and timely.  We are especially careful with an epoxy floor installation, especially in the extreme heat or the chilly winter temperatures.  

There is no rushing in an epoxy floor installation and we take all the necessary time to make sure our floors are installed correctly to give you the best flooring life possible.  Our design team will also help you pick color schemes and styles so that you aren’t out there on your own.  You will have the best professional opinions to help make your epoxy flooring the best experience possible.  Give us a call today so one of our technicians can come out and give you a no purchase and no obligation estimate today.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a very different type of flooring that has most recently gained popularity in the general public.  It’s actually a chemical reaction of a specific type of resin mixed with a hardening chemical to create a solid, hard surface after a few days of the application.  Epoxy flooring is done in many layers depending on the look that you are going after.  Concrete stain and concrete paint can be used in this application and those would be an additional layer.  After color choices are made, a compound is then poured over the concrete floor and must dry before any other layers.  Epoxy flooring becomes a very strong surface that prevents stains and other markings like car tires can leave.  This process is mostly used for garage flooring as a garage floor coating as well in hospitals, schools and other industrial places. 

What surfaces can you put an epoxy coating on?

In theory, epoxy floor coating can actually be used on just about any surface.  The epoxy floor coating has been able to be used on wood floorings to give them a nice shiny surface.  Applying an epoxy floor coating to a wood floor would require that the wood was heavily sanded so that the epoxy would stick.  The wood floor would also need to be secure and not have any areas that are raising or warping.  Las Vegas Epoxy Flooring Pros have done installations on wood surfaces in the past, however, the majority of our clients use epoxy floor coatings on concrete surfaces.  Places like garages, driveways, side yards, patios and even some indoor usage is common epoxy flooring.  They really give an area that neat and tidy appeal and the colors there are to chose from go with just about any decor.

How long does an epoxy flooring product last?

The epoxy flooring will last really depending on where it is located and how much traffic it is going to get.  Large commercial areas that get a ton of traffic, either vehicles or foot, will most likely need to be re surfaced anywhere from 2 to 3 years.  With proper maintenance, the epoxy flooring can sometimes last much longer.  It really is about the installation and the area.  Our team here at Las Vegas Epoxy Flooring Pros have all the experience and knowledge to make sure that your flooring looks as beautiful as possible and lasts a long time.

Reasons for putting a concrete sealer over an epoxy floor.

Putting a concrete sealer on an epoxy floor installation is standard with our company.  We find that not only does the epoxy flooring last longer, but it keeps the colors more vibrant for a longer period of time.  Anytime we can extend the life of your flooring, we do whatever it takes to make that happen.  One other thing a concrete sealer will do is keep the floor from scratching, chipping or cracking.  It is a must do for Las Vegas Epoxy Floor Pros when we are installing a flooring system.

Maintaining a beautiful epoxy flooring and extending the life of the floor.

Keep dirt and grit off of epoxy flooring as it can be too abrasive and cause small scratches or cracks if larger heavy items press on it.  That means the flooring should be swept as necessary to keep it beautiful shine and luster.  You could also use a shop vacuum with a soft attached brush for quicker pick ups.  It really depends on the amount of dust the area with the epoxy flooring gets.

Never use a soap based product when cleaning an epoxy floor.  The soap, over time will make the flooring have a cloudy haze on it.  Just plain warm water and a good mop should be all that you will need when going to clean an epoxy floor.

For heavier stains, you need to carefully vacuum the surface of the epoxy flooring getting rid of any loose dirt and grime.  Then, use warm/hot water with a stronger foam mop to start getting the surface clean again.  Once that is completed, you can use a clear ammonia/water mix (about 2 to 3 ounces of ammonia per gallon) to continue cleaning.  We recommend that you finish off with another mopping with just plain hot/warm water.

Tile flooring versus epoxy coated flooring.

While tile is less expensive than the epoxy flooring product, the tile cost’s are higher for installation.  We also find that tile floors that are installed where a potential epoxy flooring would go get chipped and break far much faster than the epoxy solution.  So if it is price you are comparing, think twice as epoxy will maintain itself much better than tile.  Just getting the grout cleaned on a tile floor will be additional expenses so we do suggest epoxy over tile floors.

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